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Balanced scorecard is a combination of different KPIs in finance, customer perspective, internal processes, learning and innovation in any organization. What makes AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) to be remarkably considered is the power that these two factors bring in data gathering, root cause analysis and data understanding...

Whenever we go to a concert, we know a lot about the singer. The history of the singer, when and where she/he started, the techniques, style and previous tracks, all and all are clear for us. Wait a minute, please! How about the band and the players? Do we know them as much as we know the singer?

Finally, COVID vaccine is out and business leaders are more hopeful to get back to what they had in 2019. It's the beginning of the year and most probably strategy formulation of companies has already happened. Hope you agree that strategy formulation is not a general prescription and it differs from business to business. Therefore, no one can come...

Sometime ago, I dedicated a whole article to organizational innovation & strategy and different types of innovation happening in an organization. I categorized innovation types into A) Incremental and B) Disruptive and we learned that they are both useful and important.

Crisis management is not a new topic and strategic planning during the crisis is not either. What makes us think more is the transition period and post-crisis time. What companies did before is the past and it is gone. What we can do is to learn that

There are many definitions for Generation Z and the way how to determine their age range. From different articles and blogs to well known sources like Wikipedia - the one that I personally believe is the most complex one at the time of writing this article (December 2020). Authors classify Z-ers as people born after 1995.

Corporate governance is the manner of boards in setting a direction for corporates by coming up with certain rules and standards to be followed by board members, employees, and leaders.

Trust us, if we knew the exact behavior of consumers in each segment and market, the amount of our profit would go to sky with no limitation. This means that we cannot predict things exactly, but by knowing what influences and shapes the behavior of our customers, we can get closer to their preferences and their needs.

Many people call data and information The gold. Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and all other leaders in the high-tech industry are searching for data to improve their business. This is not limited to the mentioned companies and industries. Traditional and lower-level organizations are also trying to get data and analyze data.

One of the best tools to measure the level of employee engagement is conducting internal on-line or off-line surveys. An article on Harvard Business Review claims that "Employee surveys are still one of the best ways to measure engagement".

World's leading brand consultancy set up a list of top 100 brands for year 2019. To be included in this list, a company must be global, profitable, visible, and transparent with financial results.

New research from Workforce institute conducted in 12 countries around the globe proved that Generation Z wouldn't like to be part of so called gig economy that much. Instead of freelancing GenZers prefer full time job and stability with flexibility and work-life balance. Current companies have to start considering these issues otherwise they may...

Tesla just announced that all cars produced on or after July 1, 2018 can use their premium connectivity service, containing navigation, live traffic visualization, satellite-view maps and many more, creating extra monthly income as high as almost 3.000.000 USD for only 9.99 a month subscription.

Experienced leaders call strategy execution a combination of knowledge, skills, art, and leadership. It is true with no doubt. When we would like to execute our strategy, we need to start and learn during the execution. Consultants can help us a lot but they only show the direction and facilitate the action. The final decision in...

Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk has some innovative ideas about internal meetings. He limits them to max 6 people and advises to his employees to walk out of a meeting or drop off a call as soon as it is obvious they aren't adding any value to that particular topic.