Design good games around your strategy


Strategies are not set up to be filed in drawers. We would like to implement them but we need to make it easier, more wanted and acceptable to people.

One of the effective solutions is: "GAMIFICATION"

We should help our employees to play their job and out of their results and measurements we should give them a chance to compete funnily.

Good games made around strategies will help leaders to take their organizations to the next level. These are the characteristics of good games from our point of view:

  • Losers are not punished and winners are recognized fairly and constantly.
  • Targets are defined based on history of the same function and if there is not a history, there will be a chance to revise targets after a while with supervision of leaders.
  • Leaders play too. They are brave enough to lose and to accept it.
  • Measurements have reasonable cycles such as monthly or quarterly at least so that if a team or a person loses a game there will be enough chance to try again.
  • People are compared within the same activity and not in different areas. For example: Supply Chain is not compared with Finance unless the results and measurements are fairly connected.
  • To create synergy, there are team based measurements too.
  • After each evaluation there is enough feedback for competitors to understand how to play better next time.
  • Scores and results are transparent and there is nothing hidden except few finance results.
  • Everyone has the chance to play and compete.
  • Winners are rewarded fairly and equally. Rewards are remarkable.
  • Winners help Losers to win and as soon as losers win, the supporters are rewarded too.
  • Awards are not always big prizes. Sometimes a simple recognition is enough.
  • Good games focus on corporate values.
  • The rules of the games are clear, equal, simple and easy to play.
  • Good games inside the organization do not clash with each other. While employees are playing a game, their activities don't interfere with others' activities.

The better your games are designed the better results you make for your team and your organization.

Gamification is not a destination but a journey alive as long as your company is alive.

Good luck with motivating your players!