One year after the pandemic, is your organization fit or healthy?


Regardless of the size of your company, number of people led by you and the rank of your organization among competitors, it is good to measure the health level of our company to figure out "How is it doing?"

First of all, let me explain the difference between healthy organizations and the fit ones.

Healthy organizations are the lean ones. The companies that have a minimum of waste in their processes. This can be a waste of time, people's energy, workflow, money, and etc. There are other items to be measured too, such as organizational happiness, effective reporting line, efficiency of organizational chart and so on. 

Fit organizations are healthy organizations that are capable to deliver results.

So, it is possible that your company is healthy but the output is not so good to have profit or acceptable profit. In this case, employees are happy but shareholders and c-levels might be unhappy! For example: you can imagine a company where internally most processes are set up well, high standards of leadership are implemented but they don't have competitive products due to lack of research. The main point is to explain the importance of organizational fitness and to show why fitness is higher than health.

If you agree with me, then you may ask... should we know if our team, company or organization is fit? Can we measure the fitness? How?

The reply is yes or no!

No, if you are not measuring your processes and if you don't have a project management office to track your progress.

Yes, if you have already set up your balanced scorecard and if over there you have acceptable KPIs indicating the following items:

1. Values & Culture: Employee surveys can bright up this if we are sure that our corporate values are picked and defined well.

2. Workflow: measuring internal processes and also organizational structure show us the health of the workflow.

3. Organizational Capabilities: This can be divided into KPIs in growth and creativity of your scorecard. Measurements on problem-solving, agility, and/or disruption should clear our situation.

4. Competitiveness: This is not easily measurable but we can cascade the strategy by focusing on market ranking, customer pillar of balanced scorecard and also some measures such as "Time to Recovery" or "Time to Survive" specifically before a crisis.

5. Key risk indicators: I would like to make this separated to insist on the importance. In my previous article you can find useful information about KRIs by clicking here.

One way or another, we all hope that we can gradually get closer to post pandemic time and to go back to our healthy societies. Our companies and teams are also a sample of our societies since our employees are coming from the same society. It's great to create fit organizations to boost our business performance and competitiveness.

Let me know what you think?