Storytelling in the business process


Earlier last year we published an article on 6 tips to be a great storyteller of your scorecards but it seems that storytelling is used more and more in all aspects of business due to its effectiveness. Let's have a look into the reasons:

  • Storytelling makes whatever you are selling more personal, humanized and closer to people. You can create positive emotion and touch people if you are sure about your solutions and products.
    For example, recently Honda is using Social Media for storytelling about the safety of the brand which is very important. People who had a car crash and survived due to the safety system of the car, share their stories and in reality thank Honda for designing a safe vehicle. Guess what? Regardless of the sadness of the message, people find it as a real story and follow the brand. This is exactly what we call "personal touch".
    Everyone loves her/his family members and friends and this true story makes them think about their safety while they are sitting in Honda car. You can find the full article about Honda here.
  • Businesses are created to solve people's problems, it is obvious that as long as your effort is helping people, they need you and they want you. The point is that not every business is unique and not every company is a sole player. To differentiate your brand and solution, you can always explain your reasons and the mindset behind what you are doing. Steve Jobs was a perfect example when he was speaking about new products of Apple. There are many videos on YouTube showing him how passionately he speaks about his products and the way how they help people.
  • Stories are unforgettable since they engage prospects more than statistics and numbers. If you are a good storyteller, you let your audience fly as far as possible and  experience the joy of listening and dreaming about your solutions for their problems. We should try to use this technique for creating competitive advantage.
  • Values are not simple words just to speak about them to make money! Unfortunately, some companies don't believe in their values but those, who strongly believe in what they say, can use storytelling techniques to connect people, values and the brand perfectly.
Have you every tried storytelling in your organization? Let us know what is your experience.