Operational Excellence Training

Operational Excellence Training by Let's Perform
Operational Excellence Training by Let's Perform

By attending this course you will practice how to define your own balanced scorecard based on your organizational needs, set up real measurement processes, and then get your people on board to gain the highest effectiveness in comparison with your competitors.  

Course outcomes

  • Incorporate techniques to design a tailor-made model of performance excellence
  • Adapt your work to create results, and not follow processes
  • Improve decision making process based on balanced scorecard to increase efficiency and effectiveness
  • Create sustainable synergy across the organization and establish a measurement culture
  • Shift from reactive planning to agile planning to quickly implement change
  • Identify modern indicators to lead growth and innovation across the enterprise
  • Optimize strategy planning for efficient implementation
  • Understand KPIs from the customers' point of view
  • Analyze organizational performance and business processes through process mining
  • The secret of people engagement
  • Realize the nature of defined KPIs based on corporate identity and strategy
  • Use methods for result analysis to improve performance
  • Simplify organizational data mining to understand and implement improvements

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