Scorecard and HR Development


We use scorecards of our company and in lower level, we use the scorecards of our departments to measure how good we are aligned with our strategy and how fast we are moving towards our company objectives.

The above information is easily extracted from our dashboards and scorecards.

But we can always think out of the box and figure out what else we can get from our scorecards.

When we compare results and targets on our scorecards, we easily get what our problems are and where we need to focus more. As I said in my previous articles - without getting our people on board, it is impossible to be successful. So, my suggestion is very simple. Make a part of your training needs analysis based on the results in your scorecard. Find out where you need to develop your people and start working on it.

Personally, I believe that any kind of training can be great for people to be developed but if we would like to focus on our goals and objectives, the best is understanding the gap from our scorecards and then planning the training needs analysis based on it.

There is just one issue to be cleared:

We should figure out if the process that we are speaking about is relying more on people or technology!

It's not always about processes and the improvement. Many times it's about processes and people and this is the most problematic issue!

Here process analysis plays a big role in understanding the process, gaps and solutions to improve. If the process is relying on people and we know the gap then we should plan for practical trainings and if it's about technology or machines then we should find some technical solutions obviously.