How many scorecards do exist?


During our consultancy experience, many people asked us how many scorecards exist. They were wondering if there is a standard scorecard or template that they can use.

There is a simple reply to it:

The reason is that the priority of companies is different. Every company would like to have more market share and more profit but the strategy to reach there differs from organization to organization.

Sometimes you would like to focus on limited number of customers and develop your sales relationship based on their economy and needs. Sometimes you would like to gain more customers by focusing on quality and social media marketing. Sometimes you think about mass marketing since your product is new and big number of people need it.

Your strategy should be reflected in your scorecards and then the key word shouldn't be forgotten and that is : Balanced

Your finance, customer, internal process and learning and growth should be very well balanced and connected to create a practical strategy map.

I would like to insist that creativity plays a big role in defining your strategy and as long as we have many ways to reach to our goals, I will say that we have many scorecards that can lead us to the same objective but through different direction.