Enterprise Risk Management Training

Enterprise Risk Management Training by Let's Perform
Enterprise Risk Management Training by Let's Perform

There is no guarantee for predicting future and tackling risk for 100%, but with understanding risk, assess risk & control risk there is very little to surprise us. This course provides a roadmap for managing uncertainties and creating opportunities out of risk as much as possible. 

Course outcomes

  • Recognize internal and external changes that will create risks to your organization
  • Align your risk appetite and strategy
  • Customize risk control based on your organizational culture
  • Improve Risk-Based Decision Making (RBDM)
  • Influence internal controls by choosing the response to the risks identified
  • Classify risk categories in your business to understand future
  • Improve risk management practices by learning advanced techniques for risk assessment and analysis
  • Mitigate operational surprises
  • Understand value-driven part of risk
  • Comply with the requirements for corporate governance
  • Best practices in Operational Risk Management
  • Best practices in Market Risk Management

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