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Corporate governance is the manner of boards in setting a direction for corporates by coming up with certain rules and standards to be followed by board members, employees, and leaders.

Trust us, if we knew the exact behavior of consumers in each segment and market, the amount of our profit would go to sky with no limitation. This means that we cannot predict things exactly, but by knowing what influences and shapes the behavior of our customers, we can get closer to their preferences and their needs.

Many people call data and information The gold. Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and all other leaders in the high-tech industry are searching for data to improve their business. This is not limited to the mentioned companies and industries. Traditional and lower-level organizations are also trying to get data and analyze data.

One of the best tools to measure the level of employee engagement is conducting internal on-line or off-line surveys. An article on Harvard Business Review claims that "Employee surveys are still one of the best ways to measure engagement".