Pendar Shahbazi
Performance excellence strategist

There are lots of reasons why I love Performance Improvement and People Development, but I try to sum them up so I don't give you guys headache:

  • There is always alive atmosphere in this industry. Almost everyday there is a new, different challenge which pumps me up so much that I can barely keep my face straight.
  • Problem solving... What definitely does not describe this industry is 'One size fits all'. You can't prescribe the same medicine for every single issue the company is facing at the moment.
  • You have to move fast or you'll be left out since people's mindset always moves faster!
  • And just imagine, you are developing companies of different sizes and their employees and the beauty in it is the variety. As many unique personalities as our finger prints.
Honestly, what's more challenging and more exciting than that?
... well, when I was small boy I was dreaming of career of garbage truck driver. Now I am happy I didn't go with that one.