Short management story and what we may learn!


Once upon a time, there was an employee with huge ideas, full of energy, a game-changer in her/his small world. If the boss requested for a short report, he/she brought two reports with two different interpretations. If they asked him to get the result in 4 days, the result was there in 2 days.

He did anything to change processes positively. She/he was trying to get people on-board by giving them funny and practical presentations, showing them new ways of doing things, making the workplace a pleasant atmosphere and in one word, changing everything for better.

This hero/heroine of our story was working under two bosses. The big boss was a real supporter, a true believer, no matter what, the big boss was just supporting. But he had a very systematic mindset. He wouldn't like to by-pass the smaller boss and he was always advising the employee of our story to follow rules and to report everything at the first step to the smaller boss.

On the other side, the smaller boss was a nice boss with a lack of self-confidence. He was appointed recently and he was scared of this employee. Many times he assumed that the employee knew more than him. Sometimes he was worried if the employee had complained to the bigger boss. Sometimes the small boss made the employee report to him for even a greeting or usual conversation happening with the bigger boss.

Our dear readers, is this familiar to you? Can you advise something practical to the heroine/hero of our story?

I am sure you know ;-)

Our reply is: 


Good bosses are rare. Supportive bosses who believe in you are very rare!

But if you can't change the situation, please don't sit and dream for yourself. The world won't help you. Gradually, you get demotivated, tired and completely disengaged and then you doubt yourself and your abilities and that's could be the end of your brand!

Jumping out could be interpreted in any way:

-Ask to be transferred

-Find a new job

-Start your own business

Do anything that seems wise but do not wait for your favorite change! It is not happening soon and if it happens, you get no credit out of it.

Just, please be careful. Do it wisely and think twice about each step.

We wish you good luck in your jumping out ;-)