Don’t disturb me! Too busy with my strategy.


Let us tell you a story in the very beginning. Two guys were walking the same road and everything was great until they reached to a wall. They had no ladder and the wall was quite high. One of them sat in the shadow and started thinking. The other one was getting crazy and tired. He couldn't face the situation. He couldn't believe that he is blocked there with no instrument to help him get out. Nothing!

Finally the angry guy got crazy and started beating his head against the wall. With each hit one brick fell off the wall and the other guy, now not sitting in the shadow anymore, collected it. Finally, he had so many bricks that he could put all of them together and use them as a ladder to climb up the wall and jump from the other side while the other guy was too tired, totally unable to move and to think about his next step.

The story seems a bit silly, but it's a familiar one when it comes to many of us - managers. Sometimes we are too busy with our dictated strategies. We are so much busy that we wouldn't like to stop running and to look back and ask ourselves: "What am I doing?"

It's funny that sometimes we don't see the necessity of the revision of our action plans just because we think that we have already defined and set up our balanced scorecard and we must just "hit the wall' no matter how to reach to our objectives.

I fully agree that we cannot revise our objectives every month and we cannot change our strategies every three months but on the other side, we believe that there should be something to wake us up from time to time just to hint us to look back and to see what we are doing and what we have done!

Something that reassures us about our strategies!

Something that motivates us to try even more because we are on the right track!

Something cool to guarantee our success!

We call that one thing "COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE".

Competitive advantage is not only about hard-working but also it's about smart working. This is exactly what we should consider in our daily planning.

To define strategies that others don't have!

To give something extra that others don't give!

It seems that global competition is so much high that working 24/7 is no more an advantage. It may give you average result in the best situation or at least I can say that it gives your business minimum guarantee that it won't die in short-term.

So, next time if you see yourself too busy to have time to revise your plans and to add something extra to it, please do not be happy! Get scared and think twice! Maybe you are just hitting your head against the wall and others are collecting the bricks!